Here are a few of the Frequently Asked Questions we receive.  Please contact us if the information you are looking for isn’t below or if we can help with anything else.

What age are lessons for? B’N’R Stables offers riding lessons for children 5 years of age to adults of all ages!

What do I need for equipment?  B’N’R Stables provides certified riding helmets for students to use free of charge.  Certified riding helmets are required so bike helmets are not permitted.  Boots with a 1/2 inch heel are required, they can be rubber boots.  B’N’R Stables does have some extra boots to use but suggest having your own when possible.

What clothing do I wear?  You can wear any clothing that is comfortable and allows enough movement for riding and isn’t too bulky.  Long pants are required, even in hot weather.  In the cold weather we suggest layering and wearing gloves, not mittens that allow the rider to grip the reins.

What is the make up policy for missed lessons? B’N’R Stables offers one make up lesson per session unless there are extenuating circumstances.  These lessons are provided at the end of each session and are the responsibility of the student to book.

Do you use ponies for younger children?  B’N’R Stables uses smaller horses for our riding programs.  We believe the temperament and training are the most important factors in providing safe mounts for young, beginner riders, not necessarily their size.  Using smaller horses instead of ponies allows more experienced riders and instructors to also ride them resulting in well-rounded and responsive horses for all levels.

What happens if it rains or there’s bad weather?  B’N’R Stables has both an outdoor and and indoor riding ring.  Lessons will be indoors if the weather isn’t suitable to ride outside (ie. rain, snow, high winds).  If the weather is extraordinarily hot or cold or it’s not good driving weather (ie. large rain or snow storm) lessons may be cancelled at the instructor’s discretion.  All efforts will be made to contact students as soon as possible before the lesson and make up lessons will be provided.

How many students are in a class?  B’N’R Stables’ group lessons are up to 4 students.  This class size allows for a lot of individual instruction, the ability to learn from other student’s experiences and provides and opportunity to make friends with other horse lovers!

What is the student/instructor ratio?  There is one instructor per class and as many helpers as required for new and/or young students.  B’N’R Stables has volunteers to help new and/or young students 1:1 until they are comfortable and have the skills to be on their own.

What if I register for the session and my son/daughter doesn’t like it?  If your child is new to riding and you are not sure if they will enjoy it, we suggest booking a private lesson.  This will allow both you and your child to see if they enjoy lessons and experience what our programs offer.  In our experience, it will be clear after the one lesson if it’s something they would like to do.