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Welcome, I am so excited to be launching Snuggy Hoods Canada!

My name is Brenda Langendoen and I have owned a horse farm and provided riding lessons and camps for over 20 years.  Here in southern Ontario, we get a LOT of mud in the fall, winter and spring months.  I have been so frustrated over the years with horses coming in with bellies full of mud, children trying to get them clean enough to ride and horses not happy with us trying to get the mud off.  I've tried numerous blankets on the market including those with belly bands and the horses still come in with mud covered bellies.

After more research, I came across Snuggy Hoods and decided to order one blanket to try.  When it arrived I was blown away by it's design and quality.  I put it on my horse that gets the dirtiest and was completely amazed at the fit, comfort and most importantly, the cleanliness of her belly!  Now this horse loves to lay and the wettest, poopiest spots she can find and she was coming in with a clean belly!  No need to fight with her to get it clean for lessons!

I bought a few more blankets and tried them on other horses with the same results.  I figured there must be other horse owners that have the same issues and would love to have these blankets for their horses too so that began the planning to bring Snuggy Hoods to Canada!

I also love the fly protection Snuggy Hoods offers horses.  I have a couple horses that get big welts from fly bites and those super annoying horse flies love to chew on my horses, especially the sheath and udder areas!  For years I have said someone should invent something to help protect these areas of the horse and Snuggy Hoods has!  The Bug Body Rug is like nothing else I have ever seen!  It completely covers the horse's belly and is form fitting with stretch fabric, elastic and velcro so no files are getting in!  All of the other fly blankets I have tried over the years with belly and neck coverage are not tight against the body so still allow flies in and often trap them right where I don't want them, allowing them to feast on my horses.

As I mentioned, Snuggy Hoods also has protection for the sheath and udder areas.  Those horrible horse flies seem to know these areas are great for chowing down and my poor horses end up having bloody bites all over theses areas in the summer.  I am so excited to have these products for my horses this summer and sincerely hope they will help many of your horses as well!

We all love our horses so much and want them to be comfortable while allowing them to be outside, enjoying life and running free with their friends but often the elements and the bugs take that joy away.  Now there are fantastic products to help!

I look forward to this new adventure and sharing it with you and your horses!  If there is anything I can help you with or you have questions, please contact me at or 905-892-7433.