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Zahara was born in 2016 and is another baby from Dainty!  She came to BNR stables with her mom at a month old and is an absolute sweetheart!  We were so excited to have a palomino baby from Dainty as we've always dreamed of having a beautiful palomino!  Her dad was a cremello which is a very rare colour!  She started her training under saddle recently and is doing phenomenal!  She is very quiet, sensible and smart - a delight to train!  We are very excited to see where she goes in her training!

Zoom Zoom

Zoom Zoom is the latest baby from Dainty and was born in May 2016.  He is so cute and funny - super social, he'd climb on our lap if we would let him!  He is a beautiful buckskin colour - another favourite colour we were excited to have!  He's been going a lot and LOVES to play with the other boys, often being the one to start the games.  He is especially close to Buddy and loves to play tag with Amigo.  He is a wonderful addition to the BNR Stables' family and has brought us so much joy already - he is so fun and has a very laid back character, not much gets him excited.  He does have his moments where he loves to run and play in the field earning his name - Zoom Zoom!


As you can see, we love Dainty's foals and were given the opportunity to buy her in the summer of 2015 so we went for it!  She is an AMAZING mom and passes on her wonderful, calm temperament and athletic ability onto all of her foals. She's had a year off of having foals and we hope to breed her again this year.  She has been started back to work under saddle and we hope to have her join the lesson program this year. 


Amigo arrived at BNR Stables in the beginning of 2017.  He is five years old and so friendly so we had to name him Amigo!  He loves people and is very curious with a super sweet nature!  He joined our lesson program right away and is doing fantastic!  He is very quick to learn and tries so hard to please his rider.  He is a little bouncier in his jog which is fun for riders to enjoy!  He is a beautiful red dun and we are excited to see his beautiful colouring once the winter hairs fall out!  With his wonderful character and willingness, we are sure he will be a favourite of many riders.

Pepper (on the right)

Pepper is our largest horse, she is a Percheron which is a type of draft (work) horse and she came to BNR stables in 2002.   She is Rob's horse and is used mainly for driving but is fun to ride as well.  She holds the record for the most kids we have ever had on a horse - 10 in total!  Rob drives her on her own and with Jess.  She loves to work and is absolutely gorgeous when she is all harnessed up and working in the field. Don't let her size fool you - she loves to gallop in the pasture and can outrun many of the other horses!  She loves to meet people and is very gentle natured.

Jess (on the left)

Jess is a belgian and was purchased in 2008 to be a partner for Pepper.  She is a great match for Pepper as they are opposites and compliment each other well.  Jess is very laid back and enj