Meet Our Horses


Sonny is a beautiful, black quarter horse and is Brenda’s original horse. He has been part of the BNR Stables family for over 22 years (since he was 4 years old) and was the very first horse to step foot on the property of B’N’R Stables on May 24th, 1999.  He is our top show horse, winning numerous awards over the years with a variety of our students.  He takes great care of his riders and teaches them all about riding, both in and out of the show ring! He is a very special horse to both Brenda and B’N’R Stables.


Buddy is a 15 year old quarter horse.  Brenda bought him home as a 2 year old after falling in love with him at a clinic where she worked with him.  He was Brenda’s personal horse for 10 years and they share a very special connection.   He is now enjoyed by students from beginner to advanced riders and is a main horse used in competitions.


Romeo is a fantastic beginner’s horse, he is so quiet and willing.  He is one of our “senior” horses and loves having new riders on him.  He gives them confidence as new riders and allows them to get comfortable with the movement of the horse and all the riding aids in a very patient and understanding way.  He suits his name well as he enjoys the company of the mares!


Smokey is a beautiful 9 year old grey gelding and arrived in January of 2015.  He quickly settled into our lesson program and is the favourite of many students!  He is so sweet and gentle in nature and loves to take care of his riders.  He enjoys playing with the other geldings in the paddock – especially Ziggy and Jaxon!  They are very entertaining to watch as they play “tag”.


Amigo is the perfect name for this young 5 year old gelding.  He LOVES people and tries to visit with them any time he can.  Amigo is an absolute sweetheart and always tries so hard. He is a beautiful red roan colour and is used in beginner to advanced lessons.


Coco is an easy going 8 year old mare that is a favourite of many riders.  She loves to work hard and her strong training makes her a wonderful mount for beginner to advanced riders.  She has won many awards showing and enjoys a good run in the field with her friends!


Jaxon is our “pony-horse”.  He is smaller than our other horses but a sturdy build, making him ideal for a wide variety of students.  He is super quiet and willing and a favourite of many young riders. Jaxon came to BNR in April 2017 and is 13 years old.


Leo is our little polka dot pony!  He is a Pony of the Americas and is 9 years old.  He is the newest addition to BNR Stables’ family, arriving in June of 2017.  He is a real sweetheart and loves attention.  He is used beginner to advanced lessons.


Jewel is a real “gem” – hard working, talented and sweet.  She is our most accomplished show horse having recently competed at the AQHA World Championships in Oklahoma.  She is absolutely gorgeous and has a really unique brand – a cowboy hat! She is used in intermediate and advanced lessons and is 9 years old.


Zayla was born in June of 2011 and came to BNR Stables in September of that year with her mother, Dainty.  She is a very sweet, quiet natured  girl and is quick at learning new things.  She has already been successful in the show ring and is also great with beginner riders.  She is expecting her first foal in May of 2018 so is taking a break from the riding program to become a mom!


Zoe is a half sister to Zayla, is 5 years old and is another of Dainty’s foals.  She has an exceptionally quiet disposition and is very willing to learn and try her best in everything we ask of her.  She has incredible natural talent and is enjoyed by higher beginners to advanced riders.


Ziggy is a full brother to Zoe, the third foal from Dainty.  He was born in 2013 and is an absolute sweetheart!  He has a striking, unique colour and like his sisters, is very quiet and willing to learn and please, not much gets this little guy excited!  Ziggy is a very curious little guy and loves to play with anything and everything – he keeps us laughing all the time 🙂


Zahara  arrived on July 27th, 2015 with her mom Dainty at only one month old!  She is another wonderful, sweet horse and so willing to please.  She has started her training under saddle and we hope to have her ready for riders later this year!

Zoom Zoom

This little guy was born on the farm May 18, 2017, another of Dainty’s foals.  He is a total “ham” with a total puppy dog character.  He is close friends with his Uncle, Buddy and loves to play with the other boys.  He has started ground training and will be introduced to the saddle and riding later this year.


Dainty is a wonderful mare that is an absolutely amazing mom.  She is in foal again, due to give birth in July 2018.  She is not used in our riding programs but has an important role at BNR Stables, producing some of our best lesson and show horses!


Pepper is our largest horse, she is a Percheron which is a type of draft (work) horse and she came to BNR stables in 2002.   She is Rob’s horse and is used mainly for driving but is fun to ride as well.  She holds the record for the most kids we have ever had on a horse – 10 in total!  She loves to work and is absolutely gorgeous when she is all harnessed up and working in the field. Don’t let her size fool you – she loves to gallop in the pasture and can outrun many of the other horses!  She loves to meet people and has a very gentle nature.