Special Events & Clinics

Upcoming Events and Clinics:

Annual Wild West Day:  May 21st 10am – 2pm.  This annual fundraiser for Horse Cents For Kids is a fun day out for the family.  Enjoy horse rides, grooming, crafts, face painting, petting area, bar-b-que and more!

TBA:  Parent Riding Clinic:  We hear all the time how parents would love to try riding so this clinic is for you!  Enjoy a lesson with other parents in a fun atmosphere, escaping to the farm to enjoy quiet time with our wonderful horses.

TBA:  Horse Communication Clinic:  There is so much to learn about how horses communicate and to understand their unique language.  Join this clinic to get into the specifics of reading horses and take your understanding of them to a deeper level.

TBA:  Driving Clinic:  Always wanted to learn to drive horses?  This clinic is for you! Learn how to harness and drive our Percheron mare, Pepper – a totally different experience then riding!

TBA:  Girls Day Out:  Looking for a fun day out with some girlfriends?  Enjoy horseback riding, yoga, spa treatments and delicious food!  A wonderful treat to indulge in!

TBA:  Showmanship Clinic:  Showmanship is a fun and challenging  aspect to do with a horse.  Showmanship consists of a variety of specific maneuvers completed on the ground with a horse.  This clinic is great for anyone looking to compete or for anyone looking for fun, new ways to work with a horse.

TBA:  B’N’R Stables’ Schooling Show:  Join us for a fun show at BNR Stables.  This show if for our students only and is a great way to try something new in a fun, supportive atmosphere.  All levels of riders are welcome and will be organized according to their riding level.  Beginners and/or young riders that are normally assisted in class will have the same assistance for the show.